Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Recommendation Of The Week

Due to work commitments... updates to this blog will be limited.

Still many gems available for grab. Whatsapp to discuss. 

Great discount for bulk purchase

Lady Gaga

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Welcome & Thank you

Jan - Mar 2022 (HW2, SW34)

Mar 2022 ~ Tizar, nice seeing you again... thank you for the quick deal. (SW3)

Feb 2022 ~ Thank you cf388 to grab the last original & sealed copy of Artpop. (SW1)

Feb 2022 ~ Long time no see Lawrance... nice to see you again and happy for you to pick up these good 80s... (SW9)

Feb 2022 ~ Welcome Teo for our first bundle deal on the HK canton pop... happy spinning (SW3)

Feb 2022 ~ Thank you Euguene for the deal. Happy to hear that you like the arm and the free LPs. Enjoy (HW1, SW4)

Jan 2022 ~ Welcome Gibson to the new hobby and happy spinning (HW1, SW5)

Jan 2022 ~ Welcome back Mr Chen for more classical and audiophile CD (SW9)

Sunday, June 26, 2022

What's New For Sale

Micro Seiki MA-707

SME 309

Lounge Audio LCR MKIII

Linn LP12 parts

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Thursday, February 3, 2022

Welcome & Thank You

Dec (HW0, SW8)

Dec 2021 ~ Welcome Mr Carousell for the quick deal (SW5)

Dec 2021 ~ Welcome back Mr 007 for more classic goodies... (SW3)

Nov 2021 (SW55, HW0)

x/Nov ~ Welcome back Thomas for more goodies. This round into some rare Japan CDs.. awesome (SW5)

x/Nov ~ Welcome Mr 007 to the hobby. Nice to meet you and thanks for the few visits and purchases. Happy spinning... (SW50)

Oct 2021 (SW18, HW0)

x/Oct ~ Thank you Henson****@Carousell for our first deal. Nice classic picked you did... Enjoy (SW2)

x/Oct ~ Welcome Bikash for our first deal and the awesome picked of these classic rock albums... Enjoy (SW7)

x/Oct ~ Welcome Tizar for the first deal and the awesome picked of these 80s albums... Enjoy (SW9)

Sept 2021 (SW44, HW0)

x/Sept ~ Thank you TinXXX@Carousell to grab the few collectable CDs by Dick Lee. Enjoy (SW3)

x/Sept ~ Thank you Joardy for our first quick deal for the original limited edition yellow vinyl by Cranberries... (SW1)

x/Sept ~ Thank you Anand Pillai for the quick deal. Delivery on the way by QExpress liao...enjoy... (SW2)

x/Sept ~ Welcome back Jeremy for more 80s pop. (SW3)

x/Sept ~ Thank you Farish for the 2 deals in the same month. very classic rock picked and enjoy... (SW7)

x/Sept ~ Welcome back Mr Han for more classic goodies from my personal collection. Enjoy... (SW3)

x/Sept ~ Thank you Mr Raymondxxx@Carousell to grab the bundle deal of MC albums...  (SW12)

x/Sept ~ Thank you Mr Arthurxxx@Carousell for the CD deal. Hope to hear from you again...  (SW13)

Aug 2021 (SW55, HW1)

x/Aug ~ Welcome back Andrew for more super private-pick goodies from my personal collection. Great investment (SW16)

x/Aug ~ Thank you Terence for our first deal. Happy spinning (SW3)

x/Aug ~ Thank you Carousell@Daarsxxxx for getting the Bjork Japan full set OBI CDs (SW6)

x/Aug ~ Thank you Boss Francis to top-up the order (SW2)

x/Aug ~ Thank you Benhur for our first deal for the phone amp & hope you like the gifts... (SW9, HW1)

x/Aug~ Thank you Sylvester for our first deal. Hope to hear from you again... Happy spinning (SW9)

x/Aug~ Thank you Edmund for our first deal. Hope to hear from you again... Happy spinning (SW10)

Jul 2021 (SW33, HW3)

x/Jul ~ Thank you Encik@Carousell for the quick deal. Happy spinning (SW3)

x/Jul ~ Thank you Zin****@Carousell for the quick deal on the Made in England Cable-talk cable. (HW1)

x/Jul ~ Welcome back Boss Timothy for the combo deal (SW2)

x/Jul ~ Thank you Michael for the quick deal. Enjoy (SW5)

x/Jul ~ Welcome back Boss Francis for more limited edition boxset (SW1)

x/Jul ~ Thank you Philip for the quick deal. Enjoy (SW4)

x/Jul ~ Thank you XXXFabric@Carousell to grab both Belden power cords. (HW2)

x/Jul ~ Thank you ****Tone@Carousell to drop by and grab more goodies from the 80s.. happy spinning. (SW3)

x/Jul ~ here to conclude order for Professor Phua & the free CDs (SW2)

x/Jul ~ welcome Maplexxx@carousell for our first quick PSB deal.. hope to hear from you again... (SW2)

x/Jul ~ welcome back Boss Francis for more great boxset/promo/singles... (SW8)

x/Jul ~ welcome back Boss Francis for more great promo/singles... (SW2)

x/Jul ~ Thank you ****Tone@Carousell to grab the very last of TFF. (SW1)