Thursday, November 23, 2017

Annual Maintenance cum Holidays Shutdown Announcement

Annual Maintenance cum Holidays

No Deal from 28/Nov - 17/Dec/2017

Ordering can be done via Whatsapp

till then, happy spinning

thanks for your support, SK

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Recommendation Of The Week

Wham ~ Last Christmas


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click here for LP/CD available for sale

X'mas Promo (Nov - Dec'17)

buy three or more albums to entitle for the special rate S$23.80 for album Make It Big

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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What's New For Sale

No posting until further notice. Thank you for supporting.

Alan Tam (CD)

Urbie Green

Freddie Gambrell (Pianist)

Sam Hui

Sonny Rollins (Jazzstars)

Rickie Lee Jones

The Jazz Messengers

George Michael

Queen of Pop

Grace 707

Teresa Teng (Biography)

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This section contains the "new used" or some SEALED albums for sale

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Welcome & Thank You

Nov2017 (SW64, HW0)

28/Nov/2017 ~ Welcome back Miss Anonymous to grab two more singles by King of Pop. Thks (SW2)

27/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Francis to chope the Japan Polydor KK pressed Sam Hui. (SW1)

27/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Mr Lim@Penang to chope the wonderful compilation, Immaculation by Madonna. Thanks (SW1)

26/Nov/2017 ~ Long time no see Mr Ching. Nice to hear from you today and happy to get you the Helen ReddyDire Straits, Carl Orff, Casino Royale (OST), Pink Floyd, Flamenco, Espana by Argenta and the Spanish albums by Lole y Manuel & Maria Vargas. Thanks (SW9)

23/Nov/2017 ~ Welcome Mr Tan@KL for our first deal. Three CDs by Faye Wong already packed super secured and will be posted this Saturday. thks (SW3)

21/Nov/2017 ~ Welcome back Boss Hoon to grab the audiophile LP by LA4. (SW1)

21/Nov/2017 ~ Welcome back Kevin to grab the wonderful classic best of by Bread. (SW1)

20/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Keng Cheong@Australia for our first deal big deal on Alan Tam, Connie Mak, Danny Chan, Danny Summer, Hacken Lee, Jacky Cheung, Sam Hui, Teresa Teng, Astrud GibertoIra & Russel and Trilogy by Linda Ronstadt. Hope to see you again next time you come visit Singapore. Cheers (SW15)

18/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Dr. Baljit@KL for our very first and quick transaction. The albums by Eric Clapton, Bob Seger and Edgar Winter Group are on the way to your office in KL. cheers (SW3)

18/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Miss Anonymous to drop-by for the Michael Jackson 7" single. (SW1)

16/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Meng for our first super quick deal. Hope you enjoy the famous hits by Hacken Lee and the free gift by Chain Reaction. (SW3)

13/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Benson Tay to wallop all three wonderful JVC & RCA pressing albums by Salena Jones. (SW3)

13/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Mr Anonymous for the quick deal on the 2 highly collectible CDs by Dick Lee. (SW2)

12/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Matthew for the quick deal and drop by to pick up the Acid House Kings album. cheers (SW1)

11/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you William to drop by to collect the 80s goodies and the free album by Kim Carnes. (SW1)

10/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Benson Tay to top-up two more tokkong promo albums by Lionel Richie. (SW2)

7/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Phua to drop by to pick up the 15 albums and grab the freebies by Gap Mangione and Shirley Bassey. (SW2)

5/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Hoon@JB to chope the Bing Crosby Christmas album. (SW1)

5/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Kevin to top-up the order with Beyond IV. thks (SW1)

3/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Hoon@JB to top-up another great 80s OST Electic Dreams and the Jacksons. Thks (SW2)

2/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Phua to top-up another album by Air Supply. (SW1)

1/Nov/2017 ~ Welcome Kevin Chan for our first deal. Happy for you to grab all the available A-Ha for your 80s flashback and the classic Jacksons  album. Thks (SW5)

1/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Benson Tay to add-on with the lovely harmonica album by Lee Oskar (SW1)

1/Nov/2017 ~ Thank you Vincent to come back for the super legendary 1978 album by Sam Hui and Greatest Hits by George Benson. (SW2)

"Welcome and Thank You" is the section to record down all the transactions within the month. Past monthly transactions are archived in the following URL: Archival of Welcome & Thank You