Friday, August 11, 2017

Welcome & Thank You

August2017 (SW52, HW0)

17/Aug/2017 ~ Thank you Harold Seah to drop by and grabbed the Suzanne Vega CD. (SW1)

16/Aug/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Francis to chope all three SEALED copies of Lady Gaga (SW3)

13/Aug/2017 ~ Welcome back Rozaiman. Nice to meet you on sunday's morning to transact the few classic albums by Billie Holiday, Ray Conniff, Hino Toruiko, Jeff Beck & Lawnmower Deth. Thks (SW6)

12/Aug/2017 ~ Thank you Justin to drop by to grab the 3 audiophile graded CDs by Japanese drum 鬼太鼓 and Teresa Tang. (SW3)

12/Aug/2017 ~ Thank you Anand to drop by to grab the Linda Ronstadt, Foreigner & Larry Graham albums. (SW3)

11/Aug/2017 ~ Welcome Pyce for our first quick deal on Carpenters and Air Supply. Hope you like them and happy spinning. (SW3)

10/Aug/2017 ~ Welcome Raja Mohd Said for our first quick deal on Bad Company, Wham, Sade & Cyndi Lauper albums. Thks and happy spinning (SW6)

8/Aug/2017 ~ Welcome Francis Albert for our first quick deal on the Tears for Fears album. Thank you and hope to deal again (SW1)

8/Aug/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Phua to top-up the order with Tiffany 12" single. (SW1)

6/Aug/2017 ~ Thank you Mr Teo for the whatsapp booking for Air Supply Greatest Hits & "We are the world" compilation album. Thks (SW2)

5/Aug/2017 ~ Thank you Mr Lim@Sengkang to drop by to grab the more singles by Madonna and Pet Shop Boys. Thks (SW6)

4/Aug/2017 ~ Welcome Mr Teo to drop by to collect the Duran Duran and grabbed more goodies by Bob James, Go West, Culture Club and Nena. Thks (SW5)

4/Aug/2017 ~ Welcome Say Wai to drop by to collect the Madonna, Suzanne Vega, Bjork , TFF and grabbed more wonderful goodies by Viktor Lazlo and PSB. Thanks (SW5)

3/Aug/2017 ~ Welcome Aleksei for our first deal on Enya, Tears for Fears, Alan Parsons, John Hall and Jeff Beck. Happy spinning. Thanks (SW5)

1/Aug/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Phua to chope the Toni Braxton 12" single. (SW1)

1/Aug/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Vincent to drop by to grab the "Dancing on the ceiling" by Lionel Richie. cheers (SW1)

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