Friday, October 13, 2017

Welcome & Thank You

Oct2017 (SW98, HW3)

18/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Kevin to chope the original artist covered by Leslie 少女心事. Great value item you have just grabbed. Super (SW2)

18/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Francis to top-up the order with the audiophile grade Steely Dan, Aja. (SW1)

18/Oct/2017 ~ Welcome back Boon Sun and thank you for the mail order for Billy Joel, Eagles and Manhattan Transfer. Items are ready for pick up. (SW3)

18/Oct/2017 ~ Welcome back Vincent to chope the gorgeous Andy Lau and the Stylistics (creme de la creme) albums. Thks (SW2)

16/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Benson Tay to grab the Tracy Chapman, crossroads (cover only) printed in USA. cheers (SW1)

16/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Patrick to be back to grab the OST Superman. cheers (SW1)

16/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Mr Hii@Sarawak for our first deal. The records by Manhattan Transfer, Swing out sister, Viktor Lazlo and Vanessa Paradis. Parcel will be sent to you shortly and revert with the secured registered number. Hope to deal again, cheers (SW5)

15/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Ah Peng@JB to chope the "somewhere over the rainbow" by Willie Nelson. cheers (SW1)

15/Oct/2017 ~ Great to hear from William again to request to chope for more 80s canton albums by Danny Chan, Sam Hui and my recommendation on Viktor Lazlo. cheers (SW3)

14/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Alvin Teng for our first quick deal on Alan Tam, Billy Ocean, Flashdance, OST Lady in Red, John Lenon, OST E.T boxset and Charlene. Hope to deal again. cheers (SW7)

14/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you William to drop by to pick up the Sam Hui and grab the wonderful album by Danny Chan '84 cum giant poster, Alan Tam & Diana Ross' greatest hit album. cheers (SW3)

14/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Phua again to top-up more orders for Bon Jovi and Bette Midler. Thanks (SW2)

13/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Phua to chope the wonderful 80s hit "nothing's gonna to stop me now" by Samantha Fox. Super (SW1)

13/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Benson Tay to chope both early pressed albums by Rickie Lee Jones. Wonderful chope you did. (SW2)

12/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Francis to top-up the order with the R&B Rap by KC & JoJo. (SW1)

12/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Kelsen to top-up with the classic 70s by Sam Hui. (SW1)

12/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Michael Ong@PG to top-up more black vinyls. The greatest hits by Air Supply and ABBA are a great sure-win bet. Also the canton pop by Danny Chan and Alan Tam. cheers (SW4)

10/Oct/2017 ~ Welcome back Aleksei to grab more 80s goodies by OST Flashdance, OST Sound of Music, Billy Joel (stranger), Pink Floyd (animals), Culture Club and The Jacksons. Thks (SW6)

9/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Francis to top-up the order with the super 80s disco hit West End Girls by PSB. (SW1)

9/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Kelvin to chope the Celine Dion 12" single, 5 tracks EP by Sandy Lam and 12" single Implusive by Wilson Philips. cheers (SW3)

8/Oct/2017 ~ Welcome back Boss Phua for the lunch time chope the Whitney Houston (promo single) and Billy Joel (up town girl). (SW2)

7/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Mr Tai@JB to chope the OST Ghostbusters (Japan). (SW1)

7/Oct/2017 ~ Great news from Michael Ong@Penang's decision to venture into the dark side of the music (i.e. color of vinyl). The Best Selling Album of All Time already chope for you as well as the debut of Whitney Houston. Hurray (SW2)

7/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Mr Yong for visiting to pick up the 3 albums by Alan Tam and top-up more albums by Agnes Chan, Cally Kwong, Neil Young and King of Pop. Happy spinning (SW10)

7/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Daniel to first chope the original Made in Great Britain single by Depeche Mode. cheers (SW3)

7/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Benson Tay to chope the super PROMO deal by Carly Simon, Ray Parker and Michael McDonald. (SW3)

6/Oct/2017 ~ Welcome Gordon@HK for the instant paypal payment for the Shirley Kwan combo deal and the Born in America by Brice Springsteen. Many thanks (SW3)

6/Oct/2017 ~ Welcome Patrick Quek for our first quick deal on the OST An American Tail. Thanks (SW1)

5/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Hoon to top-up the order with another audiophile grade album by Rita Coolidge. (SW1)

4/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Mohd Adib@Klang for the immediate payment for the awesome canton pop by Sandy Lam and Julie Sue. It is really rare to receive your order but you did wonderful investment. cheers (SW3)

2/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Michael Ong@Penang for the fast deal and paid for the 3 retro CDs by Debbie Gibson, Alanis Morrissette and NKOTB. Parcel will be delivered soon (SW3)

2/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Boss Hoon@JB to chope the Phil Collins and the 鬼太鼓2 Japanese drum album. cheers (SW2)

2/Oct/2017 ~ Welcome back Paul after 5 years of not deal. Happy for you to grab the last few awesomely albums by George Lam. Thanks (SW3)

1/Oct/2017 ~ Welcome back William to grab more 80s canton pop by Alan Tam, George Lam, Danny Chan, 达明 and the free album by Eric Carmen. Thanks (SW7)

1/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Mr Chew for the trade the 2 pairs Audioquest Diamond RCA with your lovely TDL Studio 1m. cheers (HW2)

1/Oct/2017 ~ Thank you Mohd Adib@Klang for the quick payment for the Canare 805 XLR Y-Cord for bi-amping. Will post to you within this week. Terima Kasih (HW1)

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