Saturday, October 22, 2016

New Pricing Structure

Thank you for your support

Info about the "New Pricing Structure"

$X (purchase of 1 album) / $Y (2 albums) / $Z (>=3 albums)

e.g. as follow:

Say Say Say w Paul McCartney (Japan, 12" Single)


/ / /

Billie Jean  (7" Single)


/ / / 

The Girl Is Mine  (7" Single)


/ / / 

if you are getting only the "Say Say Say" will be $20

if you getting "Say3 + Billy Jean" will be $17 + $12

if you getting all three will be $15 + $10 + $8

and any additional (LP/CD) will base on the least price tagged for the item

(of course, you will still get the further round down or free gift for bulk purchase)

/ / /


Q: i have selected 4 albums with the new pricing structure, which pricing to take for? 

 A: take the lowest price

Q: can i mix genre and format (e.g. CD + LP) to make up 3 albums or more?

A: most welcome (your happiness is my KPI)

Q: this round only pick 2 albums, can RSVP first?

A: regular customer OK. first timer will require deposit to avoid fly kite

/ / / 

happy hunting & spinning



  1. I would like to buy your Pink Floyd dark side of the moon jap press vinyl, may I know how to deal? My email is

  2. Ho Do you have LA4 Just Friends Japanese Pricings. How much